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Commercials, K-12 eLearning, ESL,  Child Voices (Girl & Boy), Child Laughs & Giggles, Teen Voice, Singing

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Melissa Manning is a Voice Actor Who Has 20+ Years of Acting Training Behind Her Work.

She's used to playing children on stage (Seriously, she's played orphan Annie more times than she can count) and to children as an audience. You can trust that she can deliver an engaging experience whether it be for your new online learning program, child's toy, or museum exhibit.  


When the mic is turned off, Melissa enjoys propagating house plants, trying to master the perfect cheesecake, and looking forward to the day her daughter chooses her first starter Pokemon.


For Commercial Work Her Voice is Genuine, Warm, and Friendly. 

The young mom who you can go to for advice

the classmate who always has an extra pencil when you've forgotten one.

the friend you can vent to

 She's a pro at bringing these characters to life. Why?Because they aren't characters, they're

a part of who she is.

Send her an email today and let her help make your copy SHINE.

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